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Professor Toshiro Daigo: In Memory

Professor Toshiro Daigo: In Memory

I can't say that I knew Professor Toshiro Daigo per se but I did do some training under him. He was here in Australia for a short time with Ms Taeko Nagai Sensei to do some seminars in 2007 and I was very proud to have been able to participate.

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I found both Professor Toshiro Daigo and Ms Taeko Nagai Sensei to be incredibly personable. As you would expect I learn so much from this seminar and given that the instructors were so personable as well you can naturally expect that the whole event was very memorable.

Pictures of Professor Toshiro Daigo

I need to confess that I was a little besotted with them both to the point of embarrassing myself by doing something I never do to any kind of celebrity and asking them for their autograph. Their English was limited but their amusement was also clear as a smile came across their faces when they told me that I already had it when they signed my certificate.

It amuses me to say that I learned a valuable lesson. I am not an autograph person.

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It is always sad to lose someone but the knowledge that is lost to Judo is in this instance the afterlife's gain. At least some of that knowledge is now passed on to my own club through me from what I learned at that seminar. Professor Toshiro Daigo will be missed

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