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Yoko Wakare SIDE SACRIFICE JUDO TECHNIQUE by 71yr Sensei Ron


This is a version of Yoko Wakare, a side sacrifice Judo technique, as explained by 71yr Sensei Ron. I have never met Sensei Ron but I enjoy this version of Yoko Wakare.

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The version of Yoko Wakare, in the first video below, just seems to be a bit more stable than the traditional one (video #2). There is little doubt in my mind that a new student stating to learn this throw would feel more comfortable in the set up. At the same time I don't imagine that you would want a beginner to practice this version on someone else (uke) who was also a beginner.

Someone who is not confident in their falls may just end up one their head.

I do have to say however, that it is clearly just that little bit harder to set up. There is a good chance that you are going to telegraph to your opponent that you are setting them up, even if they don't know what is coming.

Then, on the other hand, watching a lot of competition videos does tend to reveal many more bent in half low down styles than I suspect some would prefer and in this type of fighting someone grabbing your arm like this, may seem quite natural and hence may not be a telegraph at all.

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When You consider all the pros and cons, I think that the video #1 version is just as likely to result in a good throw as not, so it is worth while practising.

P.S. I am very please to see that there was no attempt to rename this version to something else just because it was a little different. It is clearly still Yoko Wakare because it has the same Kazushi, despite its differences.

Compared to The traditional version

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