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Renraku Waza: 17 Osoto-Gari Judo Combination Throws

Renraku Waza: 17 Osoto-Gari Judo Combination Throws

Osoto-Gari is possibly the most ubiquitous throw in Judo so naturally, it has an equal number of combinations that you can make with it. Below (pictured) are 17 of such combinations for you to try your hand at.

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I have to confess that when I first tried to teach these to my student from the book "Judo: Renzoku Wasa Kaeshi Wasa, Main Combinations and Counter Throws by Arek Zygmunt San Dan" *, even though I had access to the drawings some of them seem to be quite impossible. However, since then I have found that not only is each one possible but can be quite useful if you can master it.

As I said in my post, Kaeshi-Waza: Hari-Goshi, Judo Counter Technique, I am of the opinion that Judo is a thinking martial art/sport. I like to mess with my student's minds by setting up two or more throws that may or may not be possible. I think it is a lot of fun to make things like this work and I think it makes us better Judoka.

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With the same attitude in mind, you should try my PDF "Kaeshi Wasa and Renzoku Wasa, Big List of Judo's Counters and Combinations

Have fun reading the throws on the photo and try to combine them for yourself.

* This book seems impossible to get now and I have not as yet managed to contact the author so I can digitize it. I have therefore photographed his list of Osoto-Gari combination techniques By keeping to just one page I am therefore not breaking Copywrite. If anybody knows how to get in contact with the author please let me know at:

I would love to correspond.

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