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Kaeshi-waza: Hari-Goshi, Judo Counter Technique

Kaeshi-Waza: Hari-Goshi, Judo Counter Technique

I am of the opinion that Judo is a thinking martial art/sport. All Kaeshi-Waza, (counter techniques) are reactions throws and I like to mess with my student's minds by setting up two or more throws that may or may not be possible to use as a counter to each other and watch them try to work out a way to make them work together. Kaeshi-Waza: Hari-Goshi, Judo counter techniques are ones that I thought I would set up for you.

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I have access to a book called "Judo: Renzoku Wasa Kaeshi Wasa, Main Combinations and Counter Throws by Arek Zygmunt San Dan". This book seems impossible to get now and I have not as yet managed to contact the author so I can digitize it. I have therefore photographed his list of Hari-Goshi counter techniques,(below) for you to try your hand at. By keeping to just one page I am therefore not breaking Copywrite.

The book is not necessarily as comprehensive as my PDF "Kaeshi Wasa and Renzoku Wasa, Big List of Judo's Counters and Combinations but it does have pictures, which mine does not. If you know the author I would be very pleased to get in touch.

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The fact that you don't have access to the pictures in the book should not be a hindrance. In fact, if my classes are anything to go on it is just as much fun, if not more fun, to try to work them out without the pictures. Have fun reading the throws on the photo and try to combine them for yourself.

Photo of a list of Kaeshi-Waza: Hari-Goshi, Judo Counter Technique

         Kaeshi-Waza: Hari-Goshi

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