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Restrictions and Flexibility Imbalances

Restrictions and Flexibility Imbalances

The importance of stretching regularly particularly if you are doing a sport like Judo to avoid restrictions and flexibility imbalances cannot be overstated.

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Most of us don't even realize the positions we hold ourselves in as we live our lives and more importantly for how long we hold ourselves in those positions.

Everyone has had the experience where they're working away and all of a sudden they look up at the clock or their watch or their phone and like two or three or four hours have gone by and you just don't know where that time's gone.

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We live these sedentary lifestyles

We live these sedentary lifestyles for the most part and whilst getting out and exercising for an hour a day is fantastic it doesn't necessarily compensate for the hours and hours and hours that we spend in these constricted positions.

When someone does start a flexibility program it's really common for someone to make the comment that they just didn't even realize they had that tension there.

Maybe they've had sort of a headache or a backache or something like that and when we start exploring their flexibility we start looking for their limits in range of motion one of the really important things to do.

When it comes to flexibility, looking for imbalances from one side of the body to the other or the front of the body to the back of the body. These imbalances put a lot of tension a lot of strain on the joints and muscles and when we start to even out some of these flexibility imbalances people are awakened to what their body was feeling and more importantly how good they should be feeling.

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