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Do Judo Throws Work With Casual Clothing

Do Judo Throws Work With Casual Clothing

Well, do Judo throws work with casual clothing? There is a lot of nonsense that goes on in the world. One of those bits of nonsense is the statement by some that you cannot use Judo on someone who doesn't wear a Judo uniform (Judogi) and therefore it is of no use in self-defense.

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I can't believe that this absurdity still persists because Judo's origins are from fighting arts used in combat historically and even today. 


Personally, I know that this is nonsense because I have had enough times to have had the misfortune to have had to use my judo in real life without a Judogi to great effect.

Because it is just a silly statement I usually just ignore it when it comes up as it clearly comes from somebody who doesn't know the art at all. However, I came across this video called "do judo throws work with casual clothing".

I do need to make a note here that the creator of the video clearly knows how to fall.

Why is that important?

Well, the idea that you have to throw someone, who doesn't know how to fall, multiple times, is only something you would see on T.V. or in the movies. I promise you that if someone doesn't know how to fall it is kinda unusual for them to be able to get up again after being thrown. Especially if they have been thrown with O Soto Gari (not listed in the video).

Unfortunately, the creator of the video has chosen not to make this video available so that I can embed it below, but I think that the link is worth following.

Other Videos

There are other videos online that clearly show how you can throw someone without a Judogi but I found most of them boring because they talked too much. So I m just going to leave you with this one.

Also, the creator of the video gets thrown with a variety of clothing so that any argument that there has to be some sort of jacket is completely dismissed.

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The subtitle of the video is "40+ throws without a gi" but I think that refers to the number of times that the creator of the video got thrown. Here is a list of the ones that are used and to my mind, it is not a comprehensive list of all the throws that can be used without a Judogi:

  • Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi
  • O Goshi
  • Morote Seoi Nage
  • Tsuri Komi Goshi
  • Tai Otoshi
  • Uki Goshi
  • Harai Goshi
  • Yoko Tomoe Nage Uki Wadza Into Drop Tsuri Komi
  • Te Guruma
  • Soto Makikomi

This video is fun to watch and if ever you have wondered if judo can be used against someone who is not wearing a Judogi then I think you will enjoy it.

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