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Lost Grappling Techniques Of Kendo

I often wondered why the Japanese police department was happy to encourage it's police force members to practice Kendo. I had assumed that it was because it was associated with the samurai through stick fighting (substitutes for swords). Thus it was just because it was traditional.

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I had always thought that Judo was much more practical for policemen because of the grappling aspect. After all, Kendo has no grappling does it...or does it?

Well, it turns out that it does have grappling it is just never practised in demonstrations. That changes everything for me. I mean a Policeman with a stick that can also grapple I would consider a formidable force.

This video covers some of the history of Kendo and it's association with grappling.

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And be careful of anybody with a stick especially a policeman.

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