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Sode-Tsurikomi-Goshi: Sleeve-Lifting-Pulling-Hip Throw

Sode-Tsurikomi-Goshi : Sleeve-Lifting-Pulling-Hip Throw

Just for fun, Sode-Tsurikomi-Goshi is named Sleeve-Fishing-Waist if you try to translate it using Romaji (English alphabet - as used in this blog) Japanese using Google translate. Which I think is a pretty good description. Though it is usually translated Sleeve-Lifting-Pulling-Hip Throw.

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It can easily be seen that it is related to Tsurikomi-Goshi Lifting-Pulling-Hip Throw. The difference being that you grab the sleeve rather than the collar.

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Considered A Variation by Some

It should be of interest to you that, this was considered and still is by many judoka to be a variation of Tsurikomi-Goshi and was often a prefered version because it put less strain on the lifting arm. This difficulty was of course, as can be seen from the linked article, a misunderstanding of where Tori should stand in order to execute the throw.

But it has clearly been recognised by the Kodokan as a separate throw. It makes sense that it should be a separate throw because it does break the balance differently. Grabbing the sleeve makes it possible to create more leverage and with more leverage, Tori does not require the distance needed to execute Tsurikomi-Goshi correctly and is able to stand more closely to Uke.

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