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Kata-Gatame Escapes

Kata-Gatame Escapes

The Kata-Gatame Escapes video below consists of three different escapes only one of which I have used a variation of, the first escape. The first escape is a very traditional escape but the other two rolling escapes I had not seen before.

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The beauty of a video like this is that it displays not just the escape but also the actual hold done properly.

I have never made a video of my variation. I'm afraid that if you want to learn it you would have to come to my classes. But I'm sure you can work out a variation with your Sensai that will work just as good. I will say that my version usually ends you up on top.

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It is easy to miss that the last escape is different from the second. So pay attention to the way the escapee is rolling.
  1. One is directly over his own back, trapping Uke's arm as he goes making sure the escapee ends up in a controlling position.
  2. The other is off to the side rolling diagonally resulting in the same controlling position

Of the two the last would by far be the easiest to execute because there is less resistance rolling sideways.

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