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Judo / Karate Uniforms DO NOT Say "Gi"!

Let me ask you a question how do you pronounce uniform in Japanese?

Unless you are learning Japanese I bet you're asking, “why would you want to know that?” Well, the thing is by not understanding the correct way to it you are missing out on an enormous amount of history, culture and understanding of your Martial art.

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If you are practising a Japanese martial art then that culture explains so much of what you are learning that it is hard to see why you wouldn't want to know. Not to mention that Japanese is a living language and not at least attempting to get close to the correct pronunciation is kinda offensive, especially if you get the chance to practice in the presence of or with Japanese players and officials.

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To my mind that make this video worth listening to. The speaker is speaking from a Karate background but it has a lot of crossovers and direct application to judo.

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