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Top 5 Commonly Mispronounced Japanese Words in Judo

Top 5 Commonly Mispronounced Japanese Words For Karate and Judo

There are five words that people mistakenly pronounce all the time in the dojo we'll find out their correct pronunciation in this video

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To many English only speakers Japanese is hard. It is a beautiful language and I have been plugging away at it for some time. But as with any language it has it's subtleties and because, in Japanese, those subtleties are to do with the sound of a word all too often, what you think you are saying is not what you are actually saying.

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It is true that in English the same but don't have the same meaning. But this idiosyncrasy is even more pronounced in Japanese. At least in the spelling of the word. But unlike English, a Japanese word changes its meaning depending on where you put the emphasis in the word.

that is the whole point of this video. It is by a native Japanese speaker who has very clear English and although the video is designed for Karate people the words talked about are the same words used in Judo.

Personally, I found what was say very enlightening. However, I am one of those that thinks understanding the language used helps to understand the nature of the sport and sometimes even better understand the moves or throws. I encourage you to watch it.

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