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Kata - Gatame Escapes Part 2

Kata-Gatame Escapes Part 2

While technically there are three escapes from Kata-gatame in this video, practically there are only two. But all are effective unless the person on top has the hols on very well.

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I say there are only two because the rollover ones are the same except for direction.

The first of the rollover escapes is not only really hard to pull off in actual contest but even in practice has a significant element of risk. This is because as the person on top is forced to roll over there is potentially significant pressure on their neck.

The second of the two rollovers escapes is bay far, comparatively, much easier and safer.

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The escapee makes all of these escapes look so easy but they are in fact, very exhausting. So when you practice them make sure you put in the same amount of effort as you would for a contest.

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