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Ko-uchi-gaeshi Judo Throw-ish - The Throw that Never Was

Ko-uchi-gaeshi Judo Throw-ish

Ko-uchi-gaeshi is not strictly a throw, although I am sure there are some in the Judo community that would argue with me. It is, however, definitely a takedown. I have no idea if it would even score in a contest.

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Whether this throw would score could possibly depend on the referee but I suspect that it would be difficult to tell if Tori actually did the throwing or if Uke just missed and fell. But that should not stop every Judoka practising Ko-uchi-gaeshi. After all, if you are in a contest and your partner misses would you really pass up the opportunity to take them down using their own momentum and finishing them off on the ground.

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As always, you should pay particular attention to the way the Kusushi is carried out. This is not just taking you Uke to the ground using brute force. It actually takes a fair bit of practice to get it working smoothly. In fact, I still struggle with it. Watch the video closly and note how the Toris foot moves out of the way at the same time as his arms are moving. Tori's right arm goes over Uke's shoulder at the same time as Tori's left arm moves Uke's arm between Uke and Tori in the direction of Uke's leg that misses the sweep.

It is also particularly important that you get Ukes co-operation in practice. Not in the sense that they fall for you but the opposite. In practice, you don't want your partner to resist but you don't want to fall to the mat under their own steam. It is quite tricky for Uke not to just fall over whilst they try and co-operate.

You will know when you have it correct. You will be able to feel the gratefulness and control of the throw.

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