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Judo Kata: Doing Things Backwards Helps Too

Doing Things Backwards Helps Too

Everybody knows that the best way to teach something is one step at a time. That is you start with step one then step two and so on. But not only is it possible to teach Judo backwards it sometimes the only way to correct an error or fix a problem.

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By backwards I mean start from the last step and do that until it is fixed the add the second last step etc.

I've seen this work brilliantly in Swimming but it also works really well for Judo.

Of course you can't always start with the fall in Judo (although it can be useful to start with the position the fall should end up in) but you can start with the step just before the fall.

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The challenge in this is finding the thing that is the actual second last or last step. It is only when you start to try this that may figure out that what you thought was the second last or the last step may not in fact be the second last or the last step. Making this discovery can in itself be very revealing and most educational.

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