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A Brief History Of Kosen Judo

Kosen Judo Gets Lost

Kosen Judo is not as well known as Judo but it is significant. That is why the video is important to watch. In fact, without realising it when I first started Judo, it turns out that my preferred form of Judo was Kosen.

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I have always prefered groundwork to standing work and as a junior, there was much more tolerance toward ground competition. We were even allowed armlocks. I remember this because I won a junior competition using one. Eventually, common sense reigned and juniors were banned from such but you can see from the video how I would hold a certain level of affection for this style.

But the significance doesn't stop at my affection for groundwork, however. As I understand it Kosen was a big influence on BJJ and ironically BJJ has given rise to a resurgence in notoriety if not the popularity of Kosen.

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Deeper still it was Kosen or a historical version of it that by legend made Professor Kano change his mind on the usefulness of groundwork because it was a groundwork style that was the only school to beat the Kodokan in the police tournaments when Judo was establishing itself.

All in all, I guess that if you are not into Judo history you may not want to watch this video. But I think you will be missing out if you don't.

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