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Martial Arts Leg Stretcher: How To Do The Splits

The Best Martial Arts Leg Stretcher

For maximum flexibility, the best martial arts leg stretcher is The Splits. But how do you do such extreme exercise safely? Should you do them at all?

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Doing the splits for martial arts, personal accomplishment or as a tribute to a movie star may seem like an unrealistic goal, but it's actually relatively simple to achieve. The splits use many muscles, and focus should be put on using the many different muscle groups involved. It's important to warm up and stretch the muscles before beginning the routine, to avoid injury. Adjusting the angles of the stretch, and using static stretching sets the groundwork for performing the splits safely and effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • Doing the splits safely is a rare skill that requires good underlying muscle strength and flexibility.
  • The best time to stretch safely is after a workout, but always do at least a light cardiovascular warm-up accompanied By static and dynamic stretching.
  • Don't try to hold your breath while stretching, since it will tighten your muscles.

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"So if you've ever dreamed of being able to do the splits like Bruce Lee or an Olympic gymnast, here's my top 10 list of tips and tricks for achieving the splits without injury or pain."

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