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Self Defense: Do Not Count on Help in

Self Defense: You Can't Reliably Count On Others

When it comes to self defence, you can't reliably count on others to be in your corner. In times of conflict, many people are too nervous to step in.

This can come from a place of fear, mainly of getting hurt themselves. It can also stem from a lack of combat knowledge. Some people have tried to get involved in the past, only to have had things turn against them.

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They're hesitant to intervene and risk getting burned again. Perhaps the simplest answer is that people don't want to be wrong and look foolish.

Key Takeaways:

  • People may not come to your aid because they're afraid of fighting or of getting hurt.
  • Some people may not get engaged because they've had bad experiences when they'd tried helping in the past.
  • Some people are afraid of looking foolish or appearing to take the wrong side.

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"These are all reasons why we tell people to do their best to prepare themselves the best and if someone else does help you, fantastic, but never rely on someone else to help you as there are many reasons why they may or may not help you."


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