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Sore Muscles And Their Treatment

Sore Muscles Can Be Prevented

Sore muscles happen frequently and can happen days after exercising.

The soreness is from microscopic tears occurring in the muscle, as it grows to adapt. Soreness can be prevented by proper technique, stretching, pacing, and skill-appropriate exercises.

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There is not any direct treatment for muscle soreness, and we must wait for them to heal. Wait for the muscles to heal before pushing them to the level that caused the soreness. Staying hydrated and eating well will aid in the recovery process. Relaxing and massaging the muscles can help.

Key Takeaways:

  • Muscle soreness is common after exercising. Occasionally, the soreness is delayed for a period of days, before hurting.
  • The soreness in our muscles is the muscle adapting to a new physical activity it is not used to.
  • Staying hydrated and ensuring we have proper nutrition will help with the healing. Slow, lower-intensity use of the sore muscle is ideal.

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"Muscle soreness is delayed because damage to the muscles consists of small microscopic tears in the muscles after they have undergone lengthening (eccentric) contractions."

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