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Bullying & Harm & Being Worthy of Trust To Keep Kids Safe

Bullying and Harm Prevention Against Children

Taking steps to prevent bullying and abuse against children is essential. There can be no compromise to ensure a healthy environment for them to grow.

Adult caregivers should not downplay, ignore, rationalize or make excuses for poor behaviour. The caregiver should be strongly aware of the environment, be aware of the bad behaviour and what defines it, and have the ability to set healthy boundaries.

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They should also have a high level of personal integrity, and be able to communicate these standards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some adults are more concerned with maintaining an institution or group's prestige and don't want to admit that problems exist.
  • People who speak up about safety concerns should not have to fear losing their jobs, credibility, or anything else.
  • Kids and adults need to fully understand what is safe behavior, and what is not.

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"If you see a problem, stay calm, make sure you understand the whole story, listen to different perspectives, and think about the purpose of the safety rules."

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