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Uchi Mata: The Often Over Looked Arm Action

Uchi Mata: The Often Over Looked Arm Action

For a throw that is not my forte, I have just realised that I spend a lot of time discussing Uchi Mata. But it is a throw that wins a lot of competitions so I suppose that it makes sense and the video below does point out an element of the throw that is very often missed; the arm action.

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As with all Judo throws you can't achieve a good result with this throw unless you break your opponent's balance. But many Judo students (Judoka) think that the Kusushi (breaking of the balance) in this case is the upwards sweeping of the leg. It's not, at least not that alone. the pulling of the arm, as clearly shown in the video, is just critical.

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It is only a short video but it is one of the masters of the throw teaching it. Yasuhiro Yamashita is a Japanese heavyweight judoka one of the most successful judo competitors of all time.

Yamashita's accent is very strong so you will have to listen very carefully but the description he uses is as important as the visual so be persistent. You will get used to it and it is well worth the listen.

Even though I do not compete anymore you can be sure that I will be practising this nuance in class. It always pays to be a good example to your students. Besides any improvement in your technique is an improvement in yourself.

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