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Uranage (Ura Nage): An Excellent Competition Variation

Uranage (Ura Nage): An Excellent Competition Variation

A useless fact for you: I've always spelt this throw Ura Nage but it seems the more common spelling is Uranage. But I guess actually, one of my first thoughts was that because it grabs the belt, does that actually make it a variation of Tsuri Goshi?

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But it matters little whether you consider it a variation of Tsuri Goshi or Uranage (Ura Nage) it is a very effective throw. One that you probably don't want to get caught in.

Which also make me wonder if I got caught with someone holding my belt like that what would I do?

Well, there are at least two things that I can think of:


One thing that I could do is to hook either one or both of my legs in between and around my opponent's legs thus making it so that he could not effectively lift me without destabilizing himself.

Another option is to push me away so that my opponent no longer controls my centre of gravity. Thus effectively making me heavier to lift.


And this is what I think the losing player was attempting, I could grab my opponents belt and lift in exactly the same way as he is. Thus using my strength to lower myself to the ground.

Despite his best efforts, this last one has failed the loser because the winner already had control of the losers centre of gravity. He needed to act quickly and try one of the others, possible my first suggestion would have the greatest chance of success in this instance.

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Uranage (Ura Nage) A Throw Less Used

It is one of the less used throws and understandably so as just with all sacrifice throws there is a risk of the referee misinterpreting who threw who because Tori's (the Thrower) back tends to hit the mat first. Although you will observe that Tori manages to avoid this well in this case.

There is also the matter that you have to execute this throw quickly as you have hold of Uke's(the person being thrown) belt and you only have about 5 seconds before the referee will give you a penalty.

It is an interesting case study and a well-executed throw however you look at it. It is nice to see Uranage (Ura Nage) actually used in a contest.

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