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Kansetsu Waza: Nasty Arm Lock With The Leg

Kansetsu Waza: With Legs and Arms

This is probably one of the nastiest arm locks (Kansetsu Waza) that I have seen. But there is no doubt that if you can lock that arm in before your opponent knows about it you will succeed.

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This video starts out with a Sambo competition but then moves to and application of this arm lock (Kansetsu Waza) in a Judo competition.

I really liked watching the Judo player execute this move because it seems to me that there was a whole lot of respect for his opponent.

I might be wrong but it looked to me like Tori (the person executing this play) made sure that he stopped just momentarily, before he completed his roll, to allow his Uke to tap out and get into a roll position. If that was the case I have to say that it was a real act of the Judo Spirit.

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In any case, even if I'm imagining what I think I saw, if you are going to execute this Kansetsu Waza you are going to need to practice and your Uke's are not going to want to practice with you if you break their arm. So be gentle with your practice and maybe it will rub off in the execution of the hold in a competition.

Don't forget that the leg has the most powerful muscles in the body and can do some serious damage. But also remember that the knee is definitely not the most powerful joint in your body and you can do yourself some serious damage if you don't practice this carefully.

You don't need me to break this down for you, the video already does that:

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