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6 pack abs: Stomach Workouts Protect Your Back If You Grapple

You don't have to have 6 pack abs in order to protect your back for everyday life. A decent sit up regiment of about 40 per day is more than enough for that. But if you are going to compete in any kind of grappling sport including Judo, the more effective those muscles are the better.

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The reality is however that even for everyday life having, strong abdominal muscles means that you essentially help your back perform better. You will probably sit straighter,walk straighter, and have fewer, if any, back problems in the future.

The case for 6 pack abs

Good stomach workouts protect your back, there is little question about that. If you have done little concentration on building strong abs you will notice the difference in you performance almost as soon as you start. You may even feel healthier than you have in a long time.

A number of years ago I had a nasty back injury, not from Judo; I've had more injuries from life than from Judo, but on my way home from work. I was on serious pain killers for two years. I discovered swimming did wonders but I still had some problems, so I went to see a physiotherapist and the first thing she got me to do was improve my stomach muscles. The stronger my abs the more effect I was with anything that had to do with my back; including Judo.

Image of Newport Judo Logo - This article is about 6 pack abs
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You'll recover from contest and training quicker and if you get sick you may even have an easier time warding things. This is because of the most important aspect of stronger Abs; although not necessarily 6 pack abs, is that it will mean you are getting stronger over all. More than that it will almost certainly have a great effect on your attitude and overall mental health.

Of course you can't just concentrate on you abs even though 6 pack abs look great. Getting stronger overall means that you help to protect your whole body from injury. But If you are doing a sport like Judo and you are not giving your abs some special consideration you are effectively neglecting your back and when it comes to throwing you cannot do that.

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