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Self Defence Techniques: Do I Dare Screem or Yell For Help?

Self Defense Techniques: Call for help and No Body Listens!

Certainly, that is the impression that you would get from the video below. That yelling or screaming for help has no value in your self-defence techniques. At least at first glance.

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I have had students tell me how they have called for help and got it from their friends.

One young lady, about 7 years old was determined to explain to me that her friends would come to her aid if she called. She happily explained to me how she had proof of this because one day when her dress was caught in the monkey bars she called for help and her friends immediately went and got it.

I think that she has some great friends and she should cultivate those relationships.

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The video below was done in Canada or maybe the USA. I recognize every culture is different but I am inclined to think that, for the most part it would be true in Australia also. I would like to think that most Australians would not just walk past but at least call 000 but there is no way to know that unless we do some video of our own.

Unfortunately my experience tells me that, with children the use of the word HELP is problematic, in that the assumption is always that they are playing and therefore should be ignored and left alone to play their game.

Is there any point to yelling or screaming at all?
Should it be part of your self-defence techniques?

I would say that there is, if you strategic about it. And morethan one self-defence advocate would agree with that.

What do I mean about strategic?

In my self defense classes at Newport Judo I teach my students all about how to use their voice. Things like calling "Your Not my Dad" in a supermarket is something I have seen work first hand. So I know that used in the right context it can work.

But you have to ask yourself one question: Is it worth it? There is no point in yelling if the result is that you will make your situation worse. In the case of the video, you would have to ask yourself however what could be worse?

On the other hand I have read books where the women probably saved their own lives by keeping calm. "Forgiving Dead man walking" in particular comes to mindcomes to mind. Still, other women would rather die than endure what she did.

Whatever your choice you need to practice. This means that you do have to include it as part of your self-defence techniques. I don't mean by having someone attack you nor am I suggesting that you yell at your friends or children. I do however recommend that you learn how to project your voice because if you give yourself a tool there is a good chance that you will use it when you need it. And it is worth noting, that there were some positive responses in the video.

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