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Kendo Training Video: Is This The World Oldest Kendo Video?

Oldest Kendo Training Video? Who knows & frankly who cares

The publisher of the video is convinced that it is the worlds oldest Kendo training video. But I have to say that I don't really care. It' s fun and it is great to watch even if it is staged.

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I contemplated doing Kendo once. But I wasn't intending to turn it into another sport and the cost of the gear was prohibitive for something that was just going to be for fun.

Still I have always respected Kendo and if you have ever seen these guys in action for real on the mat, you would have no doubt that, give them a stick and an attacker in the street, ... well lets just say I would not like to be the one without the stick.

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If you want a more detailed description on the video and cinematography that is associated see here

It is 117 years old and there can be little doubt that Keno itself is a uniquely Japanese art. It was apparently also rejected by the film company that made... I wonder way.

But although there are a lot of interesting fact about it in the end, this one is just for fun.

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