Judo, Competing and Weight Loss

The weight loss struggle

When I was competing it was always a struggle to maintain the best weight.

Of course the science was not that good. There was all sorts of information that was around that we now know is... Well let's be nice and say that it was just not correct.

Some of the advice I was given included:
  • Don't drink (not water or anything) during exercise
  • Increase your glucose
  • And more
You would think that now we know so much more that the advice would get better. But it doesn't.

Well if your sick of the bad advice I have got a book that will help change all that.

It's called:
"5 Reasons You Are Not Losing Fat".
The book is by Thomas Calkins, Fitness Coach and Owner/Founder of BuiltFit.com and the topics include:
  • Your Eating Regime
  • The Right Foods
  • Using Weights
  • Rest
  • Miracle Diet?
  • And More
This book is completely free because I too am sick of the bad advice and I want to do my part to start to eliminate it.

There is no up sell or anything to put you off just good information.

So Go ahead Just Click Here add your best email address and you can download your ebook "5 Reasons You Are Not Losing Fat".

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