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Towards A Theology of Self Defence

Self defense, Christianity and Theology

Finally I've written a my paper!

It's called:

"Towards a Theology of Self Defense"
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This may not be of interest to you but I know there is an interest or I would not have had so many discussions over the years about whether a christian can practice self defense or not.

I have procrastinated over many years writing this paper. Because I have enough problems keeping up with my normal workload and I lack the ability to spend time over a debate of this kind. As I say under the heading "A Word Before I Proceed", in the end I only wrote it because it was easier to hand someone a paper copy rather than having to go over it each time someone asked.

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Let me make it quite clear, I have no problem in reconciling my practice of Judo and my Christianity. But it turns out that many do and whilst I have no desire to convincing anybody of the correctness of my view, I do think that it is important to be able to answer honest questions. That's why I wrote the paper.

I have not attempt to be comprehensive. Hence the word "Towards"... in the title. But others have told me that they found it helpful, so I thought that I would publish it.

So here it is. I hope that you find it helpful!

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