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Judo Training And Push Ups: Are they Even Useful?

The Best Push-ups

So are pushups of any use? There can be little debate about the importance of upper body strength in Judo. The question is always going to be: "what to upper body parts are best to exercise and how?" 

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One of the most popular forms of exercise has been and always will be I think, push-ups. So when I came across this little bit of research (below), my curiosity was naturally tweaked. If you are already into high-level training most of these terms will be well within your understanding. But if you just interested because you love to train for the local competitions then it is pretty technical and maybe hard reading; even though it is only a paragraph. So I've added Wikipedia links to help with the anatomy.

Unfortunately, you are going to have to talk with your gym trainer if you are not familiar with the suspension device with one and two anchors, equipment. The gym I work for does not allow photos and there are very few online. Once you know what the equipment is, however, its not that expensive or hard to make a setup yourself if you would prefer.

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Why have I used only one paragraph?

Because I don't want to break copyright and the summary is the only part of real interest; unless you are a sports scientist (in which case I have given the reference so you can look it up).

The researchers found that for recruiting the triceps brachii, the most effective exercise was the suspension device with one anchor. For recruiting the anterior deltoid, the floor push-up was the most effective. For the pectoralis major, the two-anchor suspension device was better than all other options. Thus, each of the prime movers can be emphasized using a different push-up variation.

The study: Muscle activation during push-ups with different suspension training systems, by Calatayud, Borreani, Colado, Martín, Rogers, Behm and Andersen, in Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 2014

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