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Tsurikomi Goshi: The Kusushi and Center of Gravity of This Judo Throw

Center Of Gravity's Critical Roll

The centre of your opponents (Uke) gravity is critical to most throws in Judo. But none more so than Tsurikomi Goshi. It is the sixth throw in Nega No Kata, the 4th throw in the 2nd Kyo of Professor Kano's Gokyo and the Nemesis of a whole heap of Judo students (judoka).

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To many Judoka it has to be one of the most demanding throws in terms of dexterity and the whole problem revolves around the failure to understand that you have to get below your Uke's centre of gravity to make it work.

I have listened to, what must be cumulatively hours of explanation trying to tell me that you have to: "put your hip here"; "Put your hand there"; "put your elbow over there" and whilst I am not saying that there aren't multiple variations of the throw, all of the explanations miss the point if they don't emphasize, the breaking of the balance by being below Uke's centre of gravity.

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Every bodies dexterity is different and so some will find it easier to reach high others low. Some will have their hip out others in. Some will pull more than others. Some will use their elbow more. It doesn't matter as long as you are low enough to put Uke off balance by being below their centre of gravity.

Watch the first video and see if you can see what I mean.

Watch the second video to see some of the variations; in competition, it is often confused with Seio Nage.

The third video is just there becasue it is a higher quality and easier to watch.

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