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Judo Breakfalls - Falling With Confidence

A Quick summary of Judo Breakfalls and video

I am reluctant to give a full rundown of what Breakfalls are. As I have done that on my main site under "Break Falls - The Secret revealed". But I've come across some video that helps and so I wanted to revisit them here.

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The subheading of the video below is that breakfalls do not hurt. That is not completely true. At least not for all of us. I was in communication with a 7th Dan once an he was very pleased to announce that he found break falling very relaxing. That has never been my experience but I do find that I have very little fear of falling.

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I was once at an extended family event and I tripped. I rolled and stood up on my feet. I even kept my hat on. To my surprise, everybody ran up to me to ask about how I was, all expressing their admiration for how well I recovered. To which I laughed only because I enjoyed the attention. I was, of course, unhurt with not even a scratch or a bruise and I thought "that is judo for you".

Breakfalling on ice hurts I discovered the hard way but it was way better than the alternative. And I'm quite sure that the Judoka in the video would have felt that fall. But it is always impressive to see just how much punishment the human body can take with very little damage if it is done that correct way.

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