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Koshi Guruma: A Wheel Judo Hip Throw

When Goshi Isn't Hip

Believe it or not, Koshi Is just another way of saying Goshi or Hip. This is the 11th throw in the Judo Gokyo or the 3rd throw in the 2nd Kyo.

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It is also the third in a set of hip throws, that starts with Uki Goshi then O Goshi and then Koshi Gauruma or Hip Wheel (thus my pun in the title if you didn't get it and are not already gowning). Each one has your hip progressing further and further past your Uke's hip or legs until in this one your hip is all the way through to the other side of your partner.

The placement of the arm in each allows your hip to move further and further to the other side. Thus as you can see from the video Tori's arm is up high over Uke's shoulder.

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This arm placement is also critical because if you go too far and your arm slips and goes around your opponent's neck, you will cop, at the very least, a penalty. People tend not to be happy about being thrown by the neck. The consensus is that it is very dangerous and they'd be right.

The placement of the arm is also why in some places around the world, Goshi Guruma is effectively banded for juniors. Apparently, parents don't like seeing there child's head being rammed into the ground. I actually agree with this rule, I just wish that it was applied constantly to all throws (Drop Seonagi).

Anyway, the video is a good one watch carefully.

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