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Tani Otoshi: Judo Throw AKA Valley Drop

A Sacrifice Throw that Works in Competition

This is truly one of my favorite Judo throws.

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Known in English as the Valley Drop throw it is a sacrifice throw that, if done in the right way, should never be misinterpreted by referees as to who threw who.

As is well known, the risk of sacrifice throws and the reason they are often avoided in Judo competition, is that it is often difficult for the referee to tell who threw who when everybody comes tumbling down on the mat. The beauty of Tani O Toshi is that Tori (if they don't muck it up) lands on their side; avoiding any confusion for the score.

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This throw is a dream if you can't get a reaction out of your opponent and every time you push them they move backwards, instead of pushing back.

Watch carefully the the descriptions of the the differences between this throw, Uki Otoshi and Yoko Otoshi. This is always a source of confusion amongst even very experienced Judoka and Judo teachers. The distinctions are very clear here.

The tip in the video about the elbow if practiced will help you out enormously.

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