Ashi-Uchi-Mata | Uchi- Mata: A Judo Throw Renamed?

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Uchi- Mata or Ashi-Uchi-Mata. Spot The Difference?

This one is in some ways a bit of fun. I don't know why the video makers felt that they need to rename this throw from Uchi-Mata. Maybe in their tradition it been called this all along. Maybe they changed the name because it is a different grip to the traditional version. I'm sure I don't know but it's still a good version of the throw.

The grip being around the back instead of on the collar does mean a much stronger control of Uke. It makes it a kind of hip throw (Uki-Goshi). But the slow motion on the leg action is well worth watching and certainly gives a clear view of one of the best ways Tori can place his/her leg when doing this throw. All in all a good watchable version of the throw.

So if it's so good why do I say it is fun. Well because of the renaming. Translated, Uchi-Mata is (pretty much)inner thigh; which means that Ashi-Uchi-Mata is translated Leg Inner Thigh. Which has nothing to do with the grip and it's a bit like saying it's a Leg Inner Leg throw. This doesn't diminish the throw of course but lets face it, you have got to poke fun at western societies propensity to rename stuff.

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