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Summer Safety Tips For Kids To Help Keep Them Ok

For The Sake of Families: Summer Safety For Kids

I found this Article

on summer safety tips for kids and as you would expect, it outlines a number of tips for helping to keep your kids safe as they approach summer. It's intended for the Northern Hemisphere but is just a relevant for the Southern.

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Some of the best tips are:

  • Model effective boundary setting
    Sound perfectly obvious but do you really do it?

  • Use sibling bickering as a learning opportunity
    This may sound counter-intuitive but read how it is not.

  • Review safety rules for answering the door or phone
    It's my experience that it doesn't even occur to most parents and careers that this is even necessary.

  • Update safety rules about going
    Despite what some people try to tell you, you can expect young people to go where they say they are going and be where they said they would be without crossing any boundaries. It's not mistrust, it's about respect and most of all safety. With respect comes trust and with trust comes safety.

  • Review and practice emergency plans:
    You can't review something you don't have. Make one if you don't.

  • Teach kids how to set boundaries and get help to stop unwanted touch:
    This is self-explanatory.

  • Grant freedoms based on demonstrated skills:
    This is the one I like best from this article but I would add demonstrated responsibility as well. When young people have demonstrated both skill and responsibility they should be rewarded with your trust.

  • Give permission to use self-defence skills appropriately:

At Newport Judo we have two Rules about where and when you can use your judo:

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  1. If you are Very Very Very scared.
  2. On the Judo Mat where it is safe.

I tell my students that "if you use your judo you are going to get into trouble so make sure it is worth it".

Modern society doesn't like us using force, no matter how just or necessary. My students can always be sure of my support if they have acted reasonably but no matter how reasonable, you can be sure that in our society, you are going to get into trouble for forceful actions; so you need to be sure it is worth it. Being, not just scared but very very very scared may not be the only factor but it is the one that carries the most weight.

  There are more summer safety tips for kids but basically, this article is about:
  • Making Safety Plans for how to get help everywhere your children go
  • What will each person do if you get separated?
  • What if someone bothers you?
It is well worth your time to read.

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