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Why Shouldn't Judo Be More Gymnastic?

Why shouldn't judo be more Gymnastic?

The vast Majority of judo students and teachers would never consider taking judo to this kind of gynastic Kata.

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But Why Not?

Sure most of the moves would be spoiled in a contest but what if one symple move, well practiced could change the outcome of the contest.

No, I'm not just being fanciful here. I've acually seen the outcome of a contest completly changes by some very impressive gymnastics.

It was the middle of a contest and one player moved in for Ippon Seonagi. The Partner was going to be thrown and thrown soundly. The crowd was convinced of that. Myself included.

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They were so convinced that a gentle raw went up from them as they saw the partner raised into the air. Feet high. This was going to be a good Ippon.

But then, with no warning, the partner some how rolled in mid air. The raw of the crowed went from gentle to eruption. Suddenly the partner had reversed the seionagi and morphed it into his own. Tori and Uke had been reversed. The original Tori who was in control, was now the Uke on the ground. The match had been won by an act of gymnastics that I had never seen. Certainly it was won I had never taught him and he was my son.

Watch this and practice what you can even if you never use it no one can denigh this is a very impressive kata.

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