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No Gi Judo: Judo Throws Without A Gi (Judo Uniform)

No-Gi Judo Is Not So Useless

One of the things that used to bug me when I could be bothered with forums is some peoples insistence that Judo became useless if you had no Gi on. For example, if you had a Tee Shirt or even no shirt. The argument went, sometimes endlessly it seemed, that because you could not get a grip you could not throw your opponent.

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This of course was always nonsense but back then there was nothing like the video available that there is now to show just how absurd this whole argument was. Back then I was young and stupid enough to try to convince people just how wrong they were. It was silly of me because these people knew that there was nothing available to show them just how wrong they were. I am old enough now, to understand that no matter how much I am able to prove that Judo is as effective without a Gi as it is with, these people were really only in it for the argument and would never have been convinced anyway.

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On his site "The Self Defence Expert" Andrew Holland presents "15 Amazing Judo Throws in MMA" that are well worth watching (and just for fun naming if you can). I think that after watching them you will have no doubt - if ever you were even slightly under the impression - that Judo is flexible enough to be used no matter what your state of dress or undress.

Interestingly it also puts pay to the idea that you need to get your grip before you can do a good judo throw.

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