Ashi Guruma: An Easily Confused Judo Throw

This is a great example of Ashi Guruma

I know that the commentator says it is O Guruma but in my Humble opinion this is definitely Ashi Guruma because Uke has too much leg trapped by too much of Tori's leg- Ashi (leg). For it to be O Guruma it needs to be much more hip involved on the part of Tori.

I had a lot of trouble working out the difference between Hari Goshi, Ashi Guruma and and O Guruma as a young Judo player. Then one day whilst under the instruction of an 8th Dan (so far our only one in Australia), I was given the clue that puts it all into place. It's all about the hip placement on the part of Tori.

Hari Goshi see Tori placing their hip much more centrally than with O Guruma allowing the leg to be used purely for momentum, sweeping past or almost past Uke's hip and not necessarily making physical contact with Uke at all.

O Guruma and Ashi Guruma see Tori placing their hip much more off centre: allowing for Tori to capture Uke's legs in case of Ashi Guruma or for Tori's leg to become a fulcrum for Uke to Wheel (Guruma) over in the case of O Guruma.

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