Okuri-Ashi-Barai - Judo in Slow Motion

Okuri-Ashi-Barai Rarely Seen

Okuri-Ashi-Barai (or Harai) is a judo throw that I don't often see in competition.

I think you would mostly see Okuri-Ashi-Barai only performed in Kata today. But as a junior judo player it was a gift at times.

Not done in the form it is presented here but rather in a circular motion. Perhaps it was not very sporting of me but I use to take great pleasure in leading my less experienced opponents in a circular motion, sometimes they would even fall for a sideways motion and because I had great timing in those days, I would just sweep them up and down they would go.

Okuri-Ashi-Barai is a timing Judo throw and takes a lot of practice which is why I think this version is great because it is in slow motion.

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