Karate Kids - Should We Be Worried or Not?

It's Martial Arts (Karate Kids) and some of our parents are worried

I recently did an after school care program teaching Judo and in preparation one of the first things that the principal said to me was, it's Martial Arts (Karate Kids) and some of our parents are worried. It was easy to resolve as I have an open door policy in that I am happy for any parent or trusted carer to come and view the entire class. So that's just what I told the principal and the problem went away.

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But it's a valid comment, isn't it? In a society that ostensibly is heading more and more towards a much more pacifist point of view, even if that point of view is more superficial than real, we Martial Artists have to consider the consequences of our art very carefully. Even if we reject the term Karate Kids (as most Judoka would).

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This article gives a very thoughtful look at at the ethics involved in teaching Martial Arts to preschool students in Australia. I think it's quite possibly very applicable worldwide and well worth a read by every Martial Artist.

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