Judo Competition Two Hand & Leg Grab Rules

There are rules in contemporary Judo competition that I think are really stupid.

One is the no leg grab rule and the others are local ones to supposedly make things safer for juniors.

The Juniors rules are only stupid because the rational behind them is inconsistently applied and the no leg grab rule is stupid because the rational used to justify them is nonsense because the existing rules where sufficient to deal with the supposed problem if they were consistently applied. My suspicion is and will be till someone can show me otherwise, though I can never prove it, that the rule is more political than a real attempt to solve particular problems.

Never-the-less as I have said in a previous post the new "two hand rule" is a rule that I approve of because it helps to stops time wasting.

There are currently no videos that I can find outlining the leg grab rules but basically you can't grab your opponents leg for any reason until you are completely on the ground.


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