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Judo and Breakfall Stories 4 - About Saved Live

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One of the parents of one of the littlest students that I have, entered the Dojo the other night with a declaration supported by great joy.

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"I have another story for your collection of stories on breakfalls that save lives", he said.

Apparently, my student was up on the farm of a friend and as was her won't, she went for a ride on the motorbike. She was well protected and was obeying all safety protocols. Well... most of them.

My littlest student then took up the story.

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"Yes Sensei," she said. "The bike had stopped and I stood up to have a stretch but the drive didn't realize that I had stood up and started the bike and I fell off the back.

Everybody came running saying 'are you all right are you all right'."

Her Father Then Took Up The Story

Her father then took up the story "then to every-bodies amusement she stood up, dusted herself off, got back on the bike and said 'what's wrong with everybody. I'm ok. I just did a back breakfall. Can we ride some more.'"

"She had just fallen off a moving motorbike, she could have been killed and didn't even blink."

I suppose it could be said that falling off the back of a motorbike is not necessarily life-threatening but people have been killed and I would have rather her known how to fall in that situation than not.

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