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Get Thrown: The Very Definition Of Good Judo

The Essence of Good Judo

He was "Thrown about all night and not even coming close to throwing the teacher and at the end of the night the teacher said 'you judo is good'."

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It would seem that good breakfalls are considered, in at least some parts of the Japanese judo world, to be just as good Judo as being a good competitor.

I remember reading an email from a judoka on a Judo list I was on, outlining the above. I spent a lot of time pondering this concept.

Everybody who reads this blog will know that I a have very high regard for breakfalls. But I do think that there is a lot in the Judo community, that would have trouble with the concept that break falling alone could be considered good judo, even if it is to a superior partner.

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For my part, I have never been convinced that Judo is about the throws or grappling. It's about much more than that. Judo is about self-development and how we respond to each other. Remember the two prime principles upon which Judo is built are:

Maximum efficiency for minimum effort and mutual welfare and benefit.

I think that breakfalls could be considered to be the epitomizes this.

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