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Judo Training and Disabilities - That's Real Judo

Judo Training and Disabilities

Judo Training and Disabilities are not incomparable and do not stop someone from doing Judo!

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Well, some do but not many.

I have had students with Cerebral palsy, brain damage, limbs that don't work, not to mention all those with discipline problems (I'm not yet convinced that this is a disability). And whilst it slowed down the development of these students skills it has never slowed down their enthusiasm or commitment.

Never-the-less I have learned that it is always fantastic to have resources available to you that will assist you in making appropriate allowances any disability.

Unfortunately, the link I had in this post has gone down but it is easy to do a search to find ones that will suit you.

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BUT even if you don't have any association with such students I think that if you are any kind of good coach you should read up on these sorts of things.

More of a Judoka Than Most

It seems to me that a disability student may be considered to be more of a Judoka than most. That is because one of the main premises of judo is to for the weaker to overcome the stronger and that is what disability student have to do every day of their lives.

I fact that is one of the things that I think has kept me involved in Judo for all the years I have. Being a true warrior is learning how to overcome one's own weaknesses as much as those of your opponent. Weakness is not insurmountable. For if a lazy man will always find an easier way to do something is that not also true of a weak man.

Let's face it, everybody has trouble at some time or other with learning. A good Judo coach will have taken the time to learn as much about how to communicate what you want your students to learn as you possibly can. What better way to understand how better to teach than to have an understanding of what sort of things can hinder your communication.

So take the time to have a look.

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