Judo Training and Disabilities

Disabilities do not stop someone from doing judo!

Well some do but not many.

I have had students with Cerebral palsy, brain damage, limbs that don't work, not to mention all those with discipline problems (I'm not yet convinced that this is a disability). And whilst it slowed down the development of these students skills it has never slowed down their enthusiasm or commitment.

Never-the-less I have learned that it is always fantastic to have resources avaliable to you that will assist you in making appropriate allowances any disability.

This recent article called About learning disabilities is just such a resource. It doesn't cover all the ones I have mentioned above but it does give a list of very useful websites dealing with a whole raft of learning disabilities.

It's well worth a read if you work with or are interested in working with Judoka that have difficulty in learning what you are wanting to teach. BUT even if you don't have any association with such students I think that if you are any kind of good coach you should read up on these sorts of things.

Lets face it, everybody has trouble at some time or other with learning. A good Judo coach will have taken the time to learn as much about how to communicate what you want your students to learn as you possibly can. What better way to understand how better to teach than to have an understanding of what sort of things can hinder your communication.

So take the time to have a look.


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