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Judo Trousers: Avoid Embarrassment. A Better Way To Tie Them

Mastering the Art of Tying Judo Trouser Drawstrings

Tired of your Judo trousers coming undone during workouts? Worse than that coming lose in the middle of a copetition. There is a better way to secure your drawstrings for a worry-free session!

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The Traditional Way vs. A Better Method

We'll explore the conventional way of tying Judo trousers drawstrings and compare it with the new, improved technique offered in the video below. Get ready to bid farewell to loose, bothersome drawstrings!

The conventional method

The conventional method for tying trousers drawstrings involves crossing the ends, looping one end around the other in a bow and pulling tight.

The New Technique Step by Step

Using your left hand to form an ampersand shape with one end of the drawstring and your right hand to create a figure 8 with the other end, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process of tying your Judo trousers in a more secure and effective manner.

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The Importance of Tension

Discover why the right amount of tension plays a vital role in ensuring that your knot stays tight during rigorous physical activities. We'll explain the significance of tension and how it contributes to the newfound security of your Judo trousers drawstring.

Unraveling the Thumb Loop Technique

Uncover the innovative thumb loop method to gather the loose end for added security. We'll provide detailed instructions on leveraging the thumb loop to achieve a secure and snug tie that stands the test of your workout.

By adopting this better way to tie your Judo trousers drawstrings, you can enjoy uninterrupted workouts without the hassle of constantly readjusting your shorts. Elevate your exercise experience by mastering this simple yet effective technique today!

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