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What Do Young People Gain From Practicing Martial Arts?

Empowering Young People: The Benefits of Martial Arts Training"

In an era where physical activity competes with digital distractions, the ancient discipline of martial arts, including disciplines like Judo, continues to offer invaluable benefits to young practitioners. Beyond mere self-defence skills, martial arts training instils discipline, cultivates confidence, and fosters resilience in today's youth. This exploration delves into the multifaceted advantages that young people gain from immersing themselves in the world of martial arts, shedding light on how this age-old practice, including Judo, shapes their character, hones their focus, and equips them with essential life skills for the challenges ahead.

The following is a guest post about the benefits of Martial Arts training from the perspective of Wushu but the principles apply very well to all martial arts.

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When young people start practising martial arts, through the culture of martial arts, their essence, energy and spirit are obviously different from their peers. What does martial arts training teach them? What good habits do they develop? And what role do these good habits play in their future growth?

We all have a feeling that soldiers who have participated in the army can be recognized at once even if they wear ordinary clothes on the road after retirement, that is because of the strong habits developed during military service as well as their own unique aura emanating from the soldiers, and the same is true for those who practice martial arts, which is often not the same as other children as soon as they take a look at them with a wide-eyed look

In fact, these first feelings of "difference" are real. Wushu brings students different challenges from the very beginning of their rigorous training. Without rules, there is a strict standard of movement and quality requirements for wushu training, so they must eliminate the "get by" mentality, "plausible" can not be, and "paralysis" is not allowed. "Paralysis and carelessness" can not exist, the only serious step-by-step training will make progress, and slowly will let them develop good habits of self-discipline.

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Practicing martial arts is a long-term process

It is not a quick fix to become a master immediately through a few days of training, but through progressive training, students can clearly feel that they are on their way to success! All Wushu instructors have grown up step by step from the time they were students, they know exactly what the students want, and the arrangement of the syllabus guarantees that the students will not lose interest while they continue to progress, so that if they persist for a long period, the progress time and time again will gradually make the children more and more self-confident and stronger in their hearts.

Wushu training is hard, students in the process of training progress, of course, will also encounter a variety of setbacks and difficulties, fortunately they have a group of mutually helpful brothers and sisters, as well as a sincere and kindly instructor, when encountering frustration and difficulties, from the encouragement of the partners, from the instructor of the teaching, as well as their own unremitting efforts, and ultimately succeeded in conquering one of the formidable difficulties, and then look back, the past hardships have been transformed into their own growth on the way to the combustion agent!

The practice of martial arts is not only so that students are strong and healthy, but more importantly, to develop their self-discipline, self-improvement, never give in to the spirit of physical exercise at the same time, sharpen the unyielding will, these valuable qualities, on the one hand, let them in the practice of martial arts on the road higher and higher, and on the other hand, also let them in the future work and life to deal with all kinds of storms and waves and will not be at a loss, I wish these young people practising martial arts to grow up in a healthy way, learn to be successful!

Shi Yanhao Founder of Taizu Shaolin Temple Kung Fu School. 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk, & 6th generation of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.National Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor; Awarded by the Chinese Martial Arts Federation as the inheritor of Chinese martial arts; National level six martial arts, one of the top 100 Chinese martial arts masters.

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