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Judo's Counter: These Attacks Are GENIUS!

Unveiling the Intricacies of Judo's Counter Techniques

In the world of Judo, counter techniques often stand in the shadows of their offensive counterparts, awaiting recognition. Chadi, in his detailed presentation, sheds light on the intricacies and value of these often-underappreciated maneuvers.

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Counter Attacks in Judo

Counterattacks in Judo serve as a response to specific techniques, showcasing their inherent worth. While they may not have their own distinct category, Chadi emphasizes that they are equally valuable and form the basis for strategic gameplay.

Inoue's Masterful Strategy

Chadi provides an exemplary case of Inoue, a Judo master known for his exceptional "Uchi mata" throw. Muneta used a baiting technique, a "Ko Soto Gake," to counter Inoue's "Uchi mata" with an awe-inspiring "Uchi Mata Sukashi." The beauty of this strategy lies in its seamless execution, leaving spectators in awe.

Tsubame Gaeshi: A Deceptive Counter

"Tsubame Gaeshi" is often viewed as a counter against a foot sweep, but Chadi emphasizes the depth of strategy within this technique. It may appear as a simple foot sweep to the untrained eye, but it's a powerful move when executed with precision.

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Mastering Tsubame Gaeshi

Chadi discusses how to enhance the "Tsubame Gaeshi." He highlights the importance of timing and precision, stressing that it's more about a snap in the knee than a grand whirl. Various drills and partner exercises are demonstrated to improve its execution.

The Complexity of Counter Techniques

Delveing into the complexities of counter techniques, emphasizing the importance of understanding the opponent's reactions and thoughts. Judo isn't just about being offensive but also about baiting, defending, and countering effectively.

Foot Trips: A Counter on a Counter

Foot trips in Judo might resemble standard "Okuri Ashi Harai" throws, but Chadi reveals the strategic depth behind them. Using a sequence involving "ko soto gari" and a feigned foot sweep, Chadi demonstrates the effectiveness of these techniques.

Protecting Against Foot Sweeps

The video addresses concerns about protecting your legs when attempting counters involving foot sweeps. By turning your toes outward, you not only shield your foot from being swept but also gain momentum for countering effectively.

Grappling and Strategy

The emphasizes that a high grappling is not solely about strength and offence but understanding the intricacies of Judo, including counter techniques. These strategic maneuvers are equally valuable and essential for a well-rounded Judo practitioner.

This presentation is a testament to the depth of knowledge that exists within the world of Judo. Counter techniques, often overshadowed, deserve recognition for their strategic value. Understanding the subtleties of Judo not only enhances offensive capabilities but also offers a comprehensive understanding of the sport's true essence.

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