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Self-Defense: Voice Projection For Kids

Voice Projection For Kids Self Defence

Voice projection is an important skill for kids to learn as it helps them communicate effectively and confidently in various settings such as school, public speaking events, or performances. But while it is primarily seen as an effective tool for such things it can also be used as a self-defence technique for kids in threatening situations.

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Commanding Tone

The use of a commanding tone teaches kids to use a commanding tone when speaking in a threatening situation. This involves speaking firmly and confidently to assert their presence and intimidate the attacker.

The use of well-projected short and simple commands teaches kids to use such commands like a Hard "Stop!" or "Back off!" to convey their message quickly and effectively. All the while making eye contact with the attacker when speaking to them. This helps to establish dominance and lets the attacker know that the child is not intimidated.

A well-projected voice helps to make use of assertive body language because good posture is imperative in order to be most effective. Standing up straight, holding their head high, and placing their feet firmly on the ground. This helps to convey confidence and assertiveness.

Children should be taught to be very loud but not to yell. A very loud and assertive voice need not be a yell. A loud and forceful voice can startle and give pause to anyone approaching giving a child options including the opportunity to escape.

Kids using their voices to seek help from nearby people or authorities is an excellent way to encourage getting help or calling out to someone nearby if they are in danger.

Things in Common With Voice Projection For Adults

There are things about voice projection for self-defence in Kids that are in common with adults. Such as:

  • Important This is Not Screaming.
  • Screaming is a very useful tool but you have to know how to use it so it will be discussed in another blog post. Incorrectly used can create unwanted aggression.

  • Using Assertive Soft Language
  • Saying polite things such as “Excuse me can I help you” assertively when startled or uncomfortable about people's behaviour. Whilst maintaining a safe distance just in case.

  • Set Boundaries:
  • Use DE-escalating Language
  • Never use the words “calmly"
  • Avoid a blame game and Listen
  • Use distraction techniques

You can find more detail on these under “Self-Defence: How To Use Your Voice Looking Out For Yourself” [LINK].

Whilst related to voice projection for adults in self-defence there are differences between Children and adults that need to be taken into account.

Children Calling For Help

Because children use the word "Help" in play, a lot, it is often ignored by others. Therefore teaching them to say “Fire” to get the initial attention.

At Newport Judo we teach the children to use the words, “Your Not My Dad/Mum”. These are some very effective words. I can attest to their power by relating the following.

I had a student I had taught these words to. I knew both him and his dad quite well. I just happened to be in the supermarket one day when he got very angry with his dad and he shouted at the top of his voice “You're Not My Dad” just as I had taught him.

People came it seemed from everywhere.

Including security.

As I said I was there, which was fortunate as I was able to assure the security that the adult was defiantly his father and the child just simply got angry with him.

I must say, in light of this instance, “You're Not My Dad/Mum” is all that most Children will need in an emergency with an adult.

Also, since that incident, I have made sure I educate the students that these words are a superpower. I then teach them that with great power comes great responsibility.

Other Incidental Benefits Of Kids Learning Voice Projection

Aside from the self defences considerations there are some other incidental benefits of kids learning voice projection.

  • Breathing
  • Practice breathing exercises helps with control in an emergency.

  • Good posture
  • Good posture helps the muscle responsible for breathing.

  • Speak clearly
  • Proper enunciation reminds them to speak slowly and take their time to pronounce each word.

  • Practice in a large space
  • Teaches how to project their voice to reach a larger audience.

  • Practice speaking loudly
  • Helps develop their vocal strength and endurance. Also, help with singing which in turn helps to develop the vocal cords and use of microphones and amplification.

Remember, learning voice projection takes time and practice. Encourage kids to keep practising and be patient with themselves as they develop this important skill.

It's important to note that voice projection alone may not always be effective in self-defence situations, especially against larger or more experienced attackers. Kids should also be taught other self-defence techniques like basic martial arts, how to escape from grabs, and how to use objects as weapons. However, voice projection can be a useful tool in situations where physical self-defence is not possible.

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