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The Secret To Learning Any Skill

Learning Any Skill Well

This little video is right on the money. It basically says that the secret to learning any skill is to start it slow. It may seem obvious but years of Judo experience have shown me that it is not.

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Over the years I have developed a saying for when I'm teaching swimming or Judo: "Do Right not Fast". The meaning is simple: take your time to get your technique as correct as you can by doing it slowly. Don't try to do it fast. Speed will come with accuracy. Without accuracy, speed is a hindrance.

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The video is about learning spinning skills, as in spinning staffs, etc. Martial artists love spinning staffs. Watching this video will help if that is what you want; although it has never been my thing. But the most important takeaway you can get from watching is the principle.

Next time you want to improve your technique or learn a new Judo throw or even learn to spin a staff, do yourself a favor. Slow down. You'll learn faster.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast

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