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Judo Class Temperature & Lack of Movement May Affect Behaviour

Judo Class Temperature and Lack of Movement May Affect Behaviour

A wet suit to keep a child warm on the Judo mat is not a good idea but there is still no doubt that if a child is too cold or too hot for that matter, their behaviour can be less than desirable. I mention wetsuits because as a swim teacher, the solution to misbehaviour in the water is sometimes a wet suit. Because from experience I get better behaviour from a warm child than a cold one.

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Fact: If it is too hot or too cold behaviour will be affected.

  1. Too Cold

If I am working at a training centre where I can't warm it sufficiently, I let my students wear added clothing under their uniform. If it is safe, I sometimes even allow socks until they warm up.

In most instances, the students are happy to remove these hindrances once they are warm. Even then, there are times when I need them to sit and listen to me so I am happy for them to put the added gear on whilst they are sitting. Though it has to be said that such centres are rare these days. I usually just turn the heat up.

Besides, as every coach knows, warming up before training reduces the risk of injury.

    1. Too Hot

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On the other hand, being too hot is also a problem. Many training centres do not have air conditioning. I solve this situation differently:

You can get very cheap spray bottles, fill them with water and every now and then have spray fights. The Kids think this is fantastic.

Some Safety rules:

  • The bottles must be on spray (wide fine dispersion of the water)

  • Don't let them spray into other students' eyes. In fact, never spray less than 2 arms lengths from the face.

  • Never let the students take the spray bottle off "Mist".

  • Don't let them spray too much or for more than a minute. The floor gets wet and slippery

  • Don't let them drink from the bottles; it's just gross.

Keep Them Moving

Bored kids are misbehaving kids. In my view, it doesn’t matter how much detail you think you need to give in a description, or how much practice you think a child might need, it can always be broken up into smaller bites.

Even though I question that children were ever able to sit for more than a few minutes at a time, there is no question that now we have educated our children to only pay attention for very short amounts of time. So Keep it short; Keep it moving and Keep changing it.

Particularly on cold days.

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